Furniture protection is a very important segment of every move. First of all, it refers to those things that are very sensitive, expensive and easily fragile. If you decide to partially protect furniture, our workers will only protect those things that they consider necessary. In that option, we will certainly protect those pieces of furniture that you will emphasize. Of course, you can also specify a variant of complete furniture protection. This includes the complete protection of all large and small moving elements.

Furniture protection

Before moving glass cases, paintings, televisions and similar items, it is necessary to separate the time and to protect them well. Our recommendation is to leave the protection of furniture to our apartment and corporate relocation services who are already doing routinely, quickly, and skillfully this responsible job. If the furniture is adequately protected, it will be even safer to carry it over the stairs, corridors, carriage, and unloading to a new location.

When you want to transport your furniture somewhere abroad, by plane or some other groupage, our workers will further strengthen the protection, and in that way, transport of the furniture will be even safer. In spite of the fact that the furniture is protected and packed, it must again be protected and fixed when stacking in the transport vehicle. We own vehicles adequately equipped for these needs.

Special services

Special tasks include transportation, loading, unloading, carrying and handling with a very heavy, oversized, easily fragile or highly sensitive edge. Especially emphasized the relocation of heavy goods that we often encounter when moving most private apartments or businesses, such as smaller and larger safes and cash registers, TA-ovens, semi-concert or concert pianos, organ, pianos, bigger photocopiers, and the like. It is very important to act properly and know how to manipulate indoors with those objects.

Likewise, loading must be pre-planned and well organized. For some goods, it is necessary to hire a vehicle with a high permissible carrying capacity, sometimes with a large load box and a ramp for loading… You may need various cranes, levers, pipes, forklifts… These are jobs where there is no room for any mistake or unforeseen situation.

How to assemble everything

Almost every time there is a need to disassemble and assemble at least one piece of furniture. Installation and disassembly are the most important and the most responsible part of every move. There are situations when some of the larger furniture workers are successfully brought out of a particular home, apartment or office. Then they are transported in the vehicle to a new location where it is unloaded. On that unloading, experienced workers bring it skillfully through the narrow corridors of a building or house, climb onto a certain floor, and finally enter the apartment. And then because of configurations of the apartment itself, this piece of furniture can not be brought into the room. Then this piece of furniture must be disassembled on the spot, carried into the room and then assembled back. In such unforeseen situations, our workers are highly skilled.