How Much Does it Cost to Move in NYC?

How Much Does it Cost to Move in NYC?

If you don’t do your homework, moving can be an expensive hassle. In order to avoid stress, headaches, and unneeded expenses, read on to get an idea of the costs involved in your New York City relocation. We’ll start with the base cost of a move: 

Ballpark Local Moving Costs Related to the Size of Your NYC Abode:

  • Studio: $450 to $750
  • One bedroom: $750 to $1100
  • Two Bedroom: $1100 to $1500
  • Three Bedroom: $1500 and up

The above pricing is for a basic move. A professional local moving company loads your belongings, transports them to your new place, and unloads them. The pricing does not include packing, unpacking, or other special add-on services. Now that you have an idea of the basic cost of moving, let’s take a look at the variables that can affect those ballpark moving costs:

Moving costs will be different for those who live a minimalist lifestyle and have very little to move compared to those who have an impressive art collection or custom furniture that requires white-glove care. And costs will vary considerably for moves in or out of an apartment on the third floor of a no-elevator building versus a move to or from a building with a good size freight elevator. Although you can’t control all the variables, the good news is that you can call the shots with some of them. 

Variables You Can Sometimes Control

  • The volume of your belongings – your inventory. Are you moving many bookcases and boxes and boxes of books? Do you have a kitchen full of small appliances and gadgets? The number of items you’re moving directly affects the time involved in moving them. The best way to get a handle on controlling this cost is to declutter your belongings down to what you actually use, need, or can’t live without. It’s simple – the more stuff, the more costly the move.
  • Moving services. In basic moves, you do the packing and unpacking. However, specialized services, such as full packing and unpacking or white-glove care for art and antiques, will add to the cost of your move. The Movers NYC offers a wide range of moving services that you can customize to meet your needs. You can choose full packing or just packing for specific rooms, such as your kitchen. You may need the moving crew to disassemble certain pieces, such as an entertainment unit or bed frame, then reassemble them in your new location. Take a mental inventory of your apartment and decide which services you’ll want or need, communicate this to The Movers NYC, and we’ll provide a free quote so you can start planning and budgeting.
  • When you want to move. Are you flexible on moving dates? Can you move off-season or do you need to move in the summer? Are you faced with an emergency and need to move immediately? Do you prefer to move on a weekend so you don’t have to miss work? Moving companies’ rates are higher in the summer months due to demand. You can save considerably by moving off-season, during the week, and by avoiding holidays. At The Movers NYC, we’re happy to give you a free quote for your preferred moving date.

Variables You Can’t Control

  • Limitations of your building. Pre-war, no-elevator buildings have narrow stairways and hallways and require more time and energy from your moving crew. This inconvenience can affect the basic cost of your move. Luxury and historic buildings often require public spaces like the foyer and hallways to have protective materials laid down for moves. Be sure to check with your super about moving restrictions and rules which can add to the basic moving cost. The Movers NYC are experts at dealing with your building’s moving rules. We have the experience and the materials to handle this step so you don’t have to.
  • The type of belongings you’re moving and the type of equipment and crew the moving company will need to move them. For example, are you moving a piano? Because it’s a heavy, fragile item that requires skill, experience, and special equipment to move, it will add considerably to the base cost of your relocation.
  • The distance of your move. Obviously, distance equates to time. The longer the distance, the more time it takes to transport your inventory from your old location to your new – and therefore, affects the cost.

Other Moving Costs to Consider

Other factors that play into the cost of your move can include: 

  • Heavy but fragile items: Items that are made of stone, marble, or glass often require additional packing materials and specific moving skills. They can be fragile although heavy.
  • Disassembly required: If you have items that can’t be moved unless they’re first disassembled, the disassembly will affect the cost of your move. Reassembly will also add to the cost. The Movers NYC are disassembly and reassembly experts.
  • Special care items: If you have artwork, antiques, or special collections, these items will require specific packing materials and skills. At The Movers NYC, we offer white glove care for moving artwork, antiques, and valuables. We can build custom wooden crates on-premises and use art-friendly packing materials when appropriate. 
  • Limited access to the residence: If the front door of an apartment involves an exceptionally long or difficult carry to the moving truck, there may be an additional charge.
  • Moving supplies. You can use suitcases, duffle bags, and trash bags for your clothes and linens, but you’ll need a variety of boxes, packing paper, tape, and permanent markers for other items like kitchen and bathroom stuff, lamps, vases, accessories, and books. You may also need moving blankets, a dolly, and mattress bags. Moving supplies can get expensive so before over-buying, check out this helpful list of packing supplies you’ll need for a move. 
  • Cleaning your apartment. Moves require a lot of time and energy. You’ll be busy enough getting settled into your new place. Do yourself a great favor and hire a service to clean your apartment after the movers leave. You may need to do a final walk-through with your landlord, and won’t it lower your stress to know you’ll get your deposit back because the place looks and smells so sparkly clean? 
  • Gratuities – New York City moving crews rely on tips as part of their income. How much to tip? The basic rule of thumb is to tip 15% to 20% on the total cost of your move. You can also tip based on the time involved or the size of your move. It’s always best to give each moving crew member their tip individually, with sincere words of thanks.

How Will You Be Charged? Hourly Rate or Flat Rate?

Moves within New York City limits are based on an hourly rate, dependent on the number of movers and trucks required to deal efficiently with your inventory. Offering low hourly rates and expert crews, The Movers NYC is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company that can move you quickly, efficiently, and safely. And . . . we offer free quotes!

However, if you’re moving a longer distance – say from NYC to the Tri-State area or out of state, then flat rates apply. You may ask for a written binding estimate quote or a flat rate quote. This is a “guaranteed” or “fixed” price based on your inventory. If you decide to request additional services, the quoted fixed price can be increased.

Some Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

  • Purge and declutter. This is the main variable that you can absolutely control. Do you want to pay to move things you never use? Anyone who has moved a lot agrees – the fewer belongings you move the more money you’ll save. Sell it, recycle it, or donate it – but do it. Speaking of sell . . . you’ll actually make some money that can go toward your moving costs if you sell furniture, clothes, books, linens, garden, and kitchen stuff that you never, ever use. If you donate items, be sure to get a receipt so you can claim the donation on your taxes.
  • Move during the week and out of season. Because demand is so high during the summer months, moving costs go up. College students are relocating, families are working around school schedules, and many people don’t want to miss work to move. Use a few vacation days to move and you’ll save on moving costs.
  • Set a budget. Once you outline your budget, agree with yourself that you’re going to stick to it! Include the cost of hiring professional movers, packing supplies, tips for the crew, and the take-out you’ll be ordering until you can get your kitchen up and running.
  • Find used packing materials. Maybe someone in your building just moved in or is planning to move in. Ask to take their boxes off their hands. Of course, you can score free boxes at the grocery, liquor, or book store, but also go on craigslist, Nextdoor, or local Facebook groups and post the need for used boxes. Also, find cheap used boxes at sites like or
  • Compare internet and cable provider pricing. Moving is an ideal time to shop around and compare pricing on plans and packages. Often when you buy services in a bundle, you save over purchasing individual services. is a convenient place to start comparison shopping.
  • Choose your utility shut-down dates carefully. If your utility company doesn’t prorate your bill, make sure you select a shut-down date that doesn’t run into the following month after you’ve moved out. You don’t want to be stuck paying for the new tenant’s air conditioning bill.

With The Movers NYC, you don’t need to sacrifice quality and safety for low hourly rates. Our moving company offers budget-friendly moving rates, quality customer care, and expert moving crews. That’s a trifecta that can’t be beaten!