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Whether you’re moving apartments in Queens or heading out of the city to a new home in the surrounding Tri-State area, moving can definitely be a pain. The Movers NYC, one of the leading moving companies in NYC for decades, can make your life much easier. Serving all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding metro area, The Movers NYC offers all types of local moving services including residential and commercial, full-service, and small load, along with fine art and specialty moves. We take pride in offering top-quality, stress-free service at affordable prices, regardless of whether you’re moving one mile or fifty.

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No matter what the reasons are for your move, there is always a level of stress that comes with packing everything you own and moving it from one place to another. Luckily you have The Movers NYC who can do it all for you!

Residential & Apartment Moves

Residential moves can be as simple as packing one room, or as complicated as relocating the contents of an Upper East Side penthouse. While The Movers NYC has big-company moving capabilities, we can handle any size residential or apartment move.

Office & Commercial Moves

Moving an office requires ample coordination so that business is disrupted as little as possible in the process. As affordable full-service moving experts with lots of experience in the moving industry, The Movers NYC has the expertise to make local commercial moves in NYC smooth and easy, whether you’re moving a cubicle, an office, or an entire building.

Pianos & Specialty Items

Moving pianos and specialty items require finesse, no matter whether you’re moving across the street or across town. The Movers NYC understands the complexities of moving delicate and cumbersome items, like pool tables and antiques, and will carefully pack and handle each item so it arrives in perfect condition.

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Art Moving

Packing fine art is an art form unto itself. The Movers NYC reviews fragile pieces like paintings and sculptures and makes suggestions as to the best way to pack to prevent damage in transit. We build custom crates for unusual or large items, add cardboard to delicate corners, and wrap with plenty of padding so your valued pieces travel safely.

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

Increasingly these days, new furniture arrives in pieces that you assemble in your home or office, leaving you with furnishings that may or may not fit through doors and hallways when you move. The Movers NYC offers full furniture disassembly and reassembly services for local moves of any distance.

Packing & Unpacking

If you’re super busy and don’t have time to handle packing all your stuff, The Movers NYC can do it all for you. Our full-service moves include packing and unpacking services, leaving you free to focus on all the other things going on in your life.

Loading & Unloading

So, your pod was just delivered, or you’ve just arrived in New York with a U-Haul full of belongings, but you need help unloading. Our team of dedicated movers can provide hourly help with loading or unloading moving containers or rented moving trucks.

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Small Loads and Furniture Delivery

You just found the perfect used couch online but don’t have a friend with a truck to help you go pick it up. Well, now you do. The Movers NYC provides great local service even if you have a small load to move, or one piece of furniture to pick up or deliver.

Pick-Up and Storage

Need to store some stuff while you’re between apartments? Or have too many things to fit in your new place? The Movers NYC has all kinds of storage solutions for you. We can pick up your items and store them safely and securely for as long or as short as you need.

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Having to go through all of your belongings, choosing what to keep and what to lose, packing it all up, carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs, and then unpacking at the other end is not fun, to say the least. It’s much easier to hire a trusted, reliable local moving company like The Movers NYC to make your local NYC move an easy one. Following are some reasons why customers choose us for their local moves:

  • Insured: As much as movers take care to move items with little to no damage, accidents can happen. That’s why, when choosing from local moving companies, you want to make sure that you contract with one that’s licensed, insured, and bonded. The Movers NYC is covered to handle any eventuality that may arise during your NYC move.
  • Affordable: The Movers NYC provides white-glove treatment at affordable rates, regardless of the distance your goods are traveling or the amount of belongings you have. We offer low, hourly rates on local moves, or we can provide flat-rate moves, depending on the circumstances.
  • Equipped: Many times, moving trucks arrive dirty and unprepared to handle the job. Our move coordinators will cover the scope of your move with you beforehand, making sure to arrive with everything that’s needed whether it’s a full-service move or a short hop to another location with boxes you’ve already packed. Our immaculate trucks can handle moves of all sizes and we come equipped with moving apparatus, packing materials, and protection for floors and walls.
  • Knowledgeable: NYC has its own set of issues that always arise when moving. Streets are crowded, it’s hard to find parking, buildings have certain rules and regulations, etc. We work in all five boroughs daily, so we’re thoroughly familiar with the best moving practices in the City and know all the ins and outs of getting the job done.

The Movers NYC is your trusted company when you’re looking for reliable, local movers in the New York area. We offer reasonable rates for any size move in and around NYC…call us today for a free quote!

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