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Moving pianos is a difficult job. Not only are they heavy, and oddly shaped, they are enormously delicate and can easily be damaged. To avoid harming your expensive, finely tuned instrument, you should hire a team of experienced NYC piano movers to transport your baby; whether it’s a baby grand, an upright piano, or even a spinet. The professional piano movers at The Movers NYC know the best way to wrap your piano safely, maneuver it through narrow hallways or staircases by hand or by crane, and then secure it in the truck so it won’t shift around in transit.

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Cost of Piano Movers in NYC

The cost to move a piano in New York is between $250-$650, locally, and $1,000-$2,000 long distance. The following factors influence the overall cost of hiring an NYC piano moving company:

  • Age of the Piano: Older vintage and/or antique pianos require special care when moving. They are usually more delicate than newer models and break more easily.
  • The distance of Move: How far the piano is going will also influence the price to move it. A long-distance move will be more expensive than a local one. While local moves are typically charged by the hour, long-distance piano movers will charge by the weight and distance.
  • Required Services: The cost to move your piano will depend on the services required to move it safely. Will the piano require disassembly? Special crating? Will it need to be stored before arriving at its final destination? All of these factors contribute to the overall moving price.
  • Stairs: Moving pianos up and down stairs is very tricky and should only be handled by experts. The Movers NYC will measure any stairways your piano will have to maneuver and determine whether it can be carried by hand, or needs to be lifted by a crane. These factors will add fees to your move.
  • Type of Piano: The type of piano you’re moving makes a difference in the moving price. Because of their smaller footprint and size, uprights and spinets are cheaper to move than grand pianos. They also require less disassembly than their larger cousins.

Piano Moving Services Near Me

Pianos are expensive. Purchased new, they can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000+ depending on the type and quality. When it comes time to move, you need to be very careful to choose the best New York City piano mover for the job—one who has the knowledge and expertise to move a piano properly. The Movers NYC offers a wide range of piano moving services:

Local Piano Moving

Whether you’re moving a piano from one room to another or across town, our team of professional movers knows how to handle the move. To move a piano to another room, we’ll arrive with castors and blankets and gently relocate the instrument. For local moves, we’ll determine how much of the piano needs to be disassembled, wrap the piano well, gently transport it to the truck, carefully secure it with straps and deliver it safely to its destination.

Long Distance Piano Moving

Long-distance moves are more taxing on delicate instruments, so our piano experts will prepare yours for transport (depending on size and type), load it into a climate-controlled truck, and ensure that it only travels with other pianos. When it arrives, our team will unload it and reassemble it wherever you want, making sure it’s working perfectly before they depart.

Pianos of All Sizes

The Movers NYC can move all sizes of pianos, ranging from electronic keyboards and organs to uprights, baby grands, and grand pianos. We will develop a customized plan with you beforehand to ensure yours is being transported properly for its size and type.

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To move a piano correctly, several parts need to be removed before it is wrapped. For an upright, for example, the legs and pedals will typically be detached and the body padded for the move. A baby grand will also require the removal of the lid and the lyre, in addition to legs and pedals, before moving.

Wrapping, Packing & Crating

After removing delicate parts, the piano will be well-wrapped with moving blankets, ensuring that no scratches ruin the piano’s finish, diminishing its overall value. The padding will then be secured with lots of plastic wrap and tape to hold it in place. If a piano is very expensive, some insurance companies will require that it is placed inside a wooden crate to provide protection during the move.


The Movers NYC can not only move your piano for you, but we can store it as well. We will make sure to clean it first, cover the keys, remove the wheels and other delicate parts, wrap every square inch, transport it to our climate-controlled facility, and store it for you short- or long-term. When you’re ready for delivery, we will carefully load it and deliver it to its new home.

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You can choose to move a piano yourself, but you’re much better off letting the professionals do the work for you. The Movers NYC has been moving pianos for decades and has the expertise to safely pack, lift and move them so the instrument, and your back, don’t get hurt.

  • Affordable: We are proud to offer low, hourly rates on local piano moves within the five boroughs of NYC, or the Tri-State area. We also work with you to come up with economical flat rates for long-distance moves.
  • Covered: The Movers NYC is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded moving company. Your peace of mind is our number one priority, so we provide top quality coverage and every safeguard to ensure safe moves every time.
  • Equipped: Moving pianos is a specialty and not every mover can handle the job. We arrive with clean, fully equipped trucks, all the right dollies and packing materials for the job, and protection for floors and walls.
  • Knowledgeable: Our piano movers are specially trained to handle all types of pianos. Just as each instrument has its difference, the way you pack and move it is different—regular movers won’t have that knowledge. Piano owners throughout the New York area trust us with their precious instruments because they know we will handle them with care and get them to their new homes in perfect condition.
  • Safe: Pianos weigh anywhere from 300lbs for a small upright to 1400lbs for a grand. Our teams of professional piano movers have the strength and know-how to move any size instrument, saving you time and energy, and preventing injury.
  • Trusted: Pianos are an investment and once damaged, lose some of their value. Trust us to avoid damage by moving your piano correctly and with care.

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