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There is a distinct difference between full-service moving and white glove moving. With our full-service option, we provide packing and unpacking, specialty crating, furniture disassembly, and protection from wall and floor damage. But our white-glove VIP treatment takes the moving experience to the next level. With our elite moving services, we’ll go the extra mile cleaning your old home after everything has been removed, placing and arranging all of your furniture at its new location, hanging your pictures, re-connecting your entertainment systems, etc. You won’t need to lift a finger—we’ll handle your entire move from beginning to end.

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VIP Moving Services

For those unfamiliar with the term, white glove moving is a luxury moving service where specially-trained professionals move your possessions safely and efficiently, paying enormous attention to detail especially when it comes to the relocation of high-end valuables. The Movers NYC is one of the rare movers in the NYC area that is qualified to offer these VIP services to customers.

Full-Service Residential Moves

When it comes to full-service white glove residential moves, we pay special attention to every detail, from wrapping each item individually to putting down floor coverings in every room. We’ll disassemble large pieces of furniture and re-assemble at the other end, placing them wherever the customer wishes. And we will handle the most fragile pieces with care and dedication, ensuring they arrive at their destination undamaged.

Fine Art & Antiques

Fine art and antiques are priceless and irreplaceable, so it’s doubly important to wrap and transport them as carefully as possible. Our fine art experts will inspect all of your specialty items and recommend the best ways to convey them, making sure to arrive with all necessary packing materials. Special pieces will be custom crated, unboxed at the new location, and then hung or placed as the customer desires.


Not all moving companies know how to move a piano so that it doesn’t sustain damage in transit. The Movers NYC understands the subtleties and complexities of moving fine instruments and will take all precautionary measures to make sure your prized instrument travels well.

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Tech Take Down and Installation

Home entertainment centers have usually been set up by specialists and are incredibly hard to disassemble, transport, and reassemble. Our white glove movers have the expertise to handle it all. They’ll arrive early to take the system apart and pack it for the move. Then, after your furniture has been delivered, they’ll return and reconnect your systems, making you feel immediately at home.

Packing & Custom Crating

One of the nicest parts of white glove moving is that the crews will come and pack everything up for you, down to the last book and dog bowl. They will arrive on time with high-quality packing materials in hand, including custom crating for your valuables. All you’ll need to do is sit back and relax.

Pick-Up and Storage

If your new home hasn’t closed before you have to leave your old one, you may need to keep items in storage for a while. The Movers NYC can transport all of your belongings to a safe, secure storage facility and hold them for you as long, or as short, as you may need. Then, when you’re ready, they can be delivered to you directly, unpacked, and placed wherever you request.

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Are you short on time and assistance for your big move? You might just be in the market for an elite moving experience. The Movers NYC can pack, move, unpack and set everything up for you from start to finish. Following is more information on what makes white glove moving with us special.

  • We assume liability: As a licensed, insured, and bonded NYC moving company, The Movers NYC assumes all liability for your belongings during a white glove move. Because we are packing and transporting everything for you, we are responsible for every item. So, we carry sufficient insurance to ensure you have the peace of mind of knowing your possessions are fully covered during the move.
  • Fully equipped: We pride ourselves on owning and maintaining a fleet of state-of-the-art moving trucks that are clean, climate-controlled, and properly serviced to avoid disruption along the way. We arrive at your residence with all requisite moving equipment and packing materials, including custom crating and paper, padding, and plastic wrap to protect your floors and walls.
  • Project manager: Every client embarking upon a white glove move is assigned a project manager who will oversee the entire process. They will be in touch once the contract is signed, making sure the move is well-planned and coordinated. Your manager will check in along the way, keeping you updated on progress and make sure everything is concluded properly.
  • Knowledgeable experts: Our specially-trained teams have the knowledge to pack and transport everything, no matter how small or large. They will provide special care for treasured items, ensuring they’re protected properly for the trip.
  • Save time & stress: The best part of white glove moving? You don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll handle everything, saving you time and stress.

The Movers NYC is a full-service moving company specializing in high-end relocations. If you’re looking for the best white glove movers in the NYC area, contact us today!

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