Meatpacking District Movers

Meatpacking District Movers

Once the national leader in beef production, the Meatpacking District has since become one of the most sought-after Manhattan enclaves (especially known for its apartments). Bounded by Chelsea to the north, the East Village to the east and south, and the Hudson River to the west, the popular neighborhood has transformed from its past life of butchery into a trendy and upscale community. From gorgeous condos to world-class dining to stellar nightlife, the Meatpacking District easily earns the title of one of the hottest neighborhoods in all of New York City!

Relocating to or from the Meatpacking District NYC? Look no further than The Movers NYC. Whether your move is residential or commercial in nature, we take the pressure off your shoulders. Moving in the Meatpacking District can present a number of challenges. With our skillful personnel and decades of experience, you’ll enjoy a seamless transition to or from the Manhattan enclave. Simply put, The Movers NYC is the top pick!

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What to Know Before Moving to Meatpacking District

Situated on the far west side of Manhattan, the Meatpacking District is a highly eclectic neighborhood that melds style, commerce, and superb quality of life into one.

Historical Tidbits

Residents first came to the Meatpacking District in the early 1800s due to a flea epidemic in the central part of New York City. In the mid to late 1800s, several establishments began to pop up, including produce and meat markets. By the turn of the century, there were 250 butcher shops and meatpacking plants (which, surprise, led to its name). This resulted in the district becoming the largest center for beef production in the United States. Fast forward to the 1980s, and things had gotten a bit shady in the neighborhood. This eventually subsided, and now the Meatpacking District is both a Historic Landmark and one of the hottest, trendiest enclaves in NYC.

cobblestones bricks meatpacking district manhattan nyc
The Meatpacking District boasts cobblestone streets and historic brick buildings that add to the neighborhood’s charm.

Amenities And Attractions

If we listed everything this phenomenal neighborhood offered, we’d be here all night! In a nutshell, the Meatpacking District has something for everyone. Check out High Line, which starts at Gansevoort Street, for its unforgettable “park in the sky” experience. Speaking of Gansevoort Street, this area (once packed with meat warehouses) is now a major retail center. Whitney Museum, which moved here in 2015, is one of the finest art institutions in the US. The community is also known for its amazing nightlife and dining (more info below).

the high line meatpacking district manhattan nyc
The High Line is an elevated park built on the remnants of a New York Central Railroad track. Spanning 1.45 miles, the greenway starts in the Meatpacking District and stretches north through Chelsea and Hudson Yards.

Buildings And Structures

Made up of a collection of cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and modern high-rises, the Meatpacking District presents an amalgamation of its gritty past and trendy present. Over the last two decades, there has been a huge influx of world-class restaurants, boutiques, clubs, high-rises, and hotels. Some of the most prominent structures in the neighborhood were designed by acclaimed architects Frank Gehry, Richard Meier, and Renzo Piano. One of the most iconic buildings is The Herring Safe & Lock Company Building, which was built in 1849. A fun fact: Gansevoort Street is virtually perfectly aligned with the sun during the fall and spring equinoxes!

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Filled with rich working-class history, the Meatpacking District is a fascinating and diverse intersection of work, play, art, and more. Those into fashion, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife will (and do) fall in love with the area almost immediately. And as a hub for dynamic activity, both in business and everyday life, the Meatpacking District has attracted many creative and business types: fashionistas, graphic designers, artists, stylists, restaurant owners, architects, corporate executives, and more. Two words that come to mind are grit and chic. And this neighborhood embodies both to the fullest.

chelsea piers meatpacking district manhattan nyc
Just a short stroll north of the Meatpacking District, the Chelsea Piers is a huge sports complex suspended over the Hudson River, offering fitness programs for all ages. Photo credit Dan DeLuca on Flickr.

Notable Restaurants

If you’re into food, you’ll love the selection here in the Meatpacking District. Let’s take a look at the top culinary establishments. Helen’s New York serves up Asian-inspired cuisine and cocktails in its captivating subterranean location. Situated on the sixth floor of RH New York, RH Rooftop Restaurant New York – it shares space with a 90,000-square-foot design gallery – is a fantastic pick for American fare. Have an appetite for innovative seafood (and celebrity sightings)?  Catch NYC offers both! For an exquisite French bistro experience, Bagatelle is certainly the place to go. Those in search of a unique & modern dining and café environment will be intrigued with Intersect by Lexus.

Meatpacking District’s Trusted Moving Company

Moving to the Meatpacking District can be a transformative experience. But when it comes to the actual moving logistics, you might be less than thrilled. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a reliable and experienced company. Based in Manhattan for decades (and as a fully licensed, bonded, and insured NYC moving company), The Movers NYC has catered to many happy customers in the Meatpacking District. From condo swaps to white-glove services, you’ll enjoy a tailored, painless experience with us! Below, you’ll discover a list of our Manhattan moving services:

  • Local, long-distance, and international moves
  • Specialty moves: art, antiques, pianos, white-glove services, and more
  • Residential and commercial moving services
  • Last-minute and same-day moves
  • Full-service moving and packing options available

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