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Tudor City Movers

Though diminutive in size – the Midtown East enclave only covers a handful of blocks – Tudor City is big on architectural interest and social connection. Just east of the United Nations Headquarters (and encapsulated by E 43rd St to the northeast, 1st Avenue to the southeast, E 40th St to the southwest, and 2nd Avenue to the northwest), the cozy community is highlighted by its architecture that ranges from Tudor style to Neo-Gothic. The Manhattan neighborhood offers a quiet yet urban lifestyle and unique homes in an officially designated historic district.

Whether you have your eye on a gorgeous apartment or you’re keen on easy access to Midtown, moving to Tudor City can present several challenges. Fortunately, The Movers NYC is well equipped and highly knowledgeable of the esteemed neighborhood. We provide a tailored Manhattan relocation experience, handling everything from same-day moves to white-glove packages. And if you’re headed to another part of the city, state or country, we’ve got that covered as well!

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What to Know Before Moving to Tudor City

Considered the quietest enclave in Manhattan, Tudor City offers a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City while still being nestled in the middle of the excitement.

Historical Tidbits

Originally designed to draw in those in search of the Tudor-style homes that were popular during the 1800s, Tudor City was a planned middle-class residential district based on a mixture of 16th-century Elizabethan and Tudor styles. During the 20th century, residents were attracted to the comfort of suburban living that this style exemplified but enjoyed the development’s urban twist. As a result, Tudor City became the home of the first residential skyscraper in the world. Developers broke ground on the project in 1926, and Tudor City was placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places sixty years later in 1986.

Neighborhood Attractions And Amenities

Yes, Tudor City is a small community. Yet it’s nestled in one of the most popular boroughs in New York City. If you’re an architectural buff, you’ll love exploring the ornamentation and finery of buildings such as Prospect Tower, Tudor Tower, Windsor Tower, and No. 2 Tudor City Place. Along with the outstanding structural design, the neighborhood is home to Tudor City Greens Park, comprising two highly manicured public parks that are focal points for the community. Just southeast, you’ll find Robert Moses Playground (a 1.3-acre park and playground), while the United Nations Plaza is to the east of the neighborhood.

residential skyscrapers tudor city manhattan
Tudor City is home to several residential skyscrapers built in 16th-century Elizabethan and Tudor styles. Photo credit Doc Searls on Flickr.

Culture And People

Known for their style and class, the residents of Tudor City exude a refined quality that mirrors the exceptional architecture of the neighborhood. The planned residential community is one of the largest (and most significant) in New York City. Stately yet community-minded, there’s both a sense of history and a small-town feel that’s highly appealing. This sliver of serenity affords peace of mind and a break from the “City that Never Sleeps” vibe that permeates much of the city while providing easy access to all the cultural attractions, business opportunities, and nightlife of Eastside Manhattan and adjacent neighborhoods.

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Types Of Buildings

Simply put, you won’t find residences quite like the ones in Tudor City anywhere else in NYC. Home to the first residential skyscraper on the globe, the enclave features Gothic architectural elements from the Elizabethan era and Tudor-style homes from the sixteenth century. In many cases, buildings and living spaces still house the original furnishings! Another big draw is Tudor City Greens Park, a well-landscaped public park area nestled in the northern section of the neighborhood. There is also a lack of through streets, with the majority of traffic diverted underground, which significantly reduces noise and congestion. This results in a serene atmosphere amongst the “castles in the sky.”

Altogether, this neighborhood is home to approximately 5,000 residents who live in one of the 11 co-op apartment buildings or the single all-rental Hermitage building. Most buildings were constructed between 1927 and 1930, though the Tudor Gardens at 2 Tudor City Place wasn’t completed until 1956. Many of the buildings house restaurants and shopping on the ground floors.

tudor city place tudor city manhattan
A close-up of some of the ornate detailing at 5 Tudor City Place. Photo credit Shinya Suzuki on Flickr.

Walkscore Information

If you’re coming from a neighborhood or city with low walkability, and you enjoy the health benefits and convenience of a refreshing stroll, Tudor City is a fabulous pick! As with most Manhattan enclaves, the revered neighborhood offers some of the best walkability in the entire city. This allows for easy access by foot to everything the community has to offer, including being able to perform your errands with ease. Public transit is also world-class, with Grand Central Terminal just three blocks away, and you can find a number of car-sharing services (such as Zipcar, RelayRides, and Hertz On Demand) when you’d like to explore the city or need to make your way to the office.

25 tudor city place tudor city manhattan
A view looking up the street from 25 Tudor City Place.

Tudor City’s Trusted Moving Company

From Tudor Revival to Elizabethan style, the homes of Tudor City are as immaculate as they are delicate. That being said, it requires a high degree of specialized handling and attention to detail to carefully move in and out of this prized enclave. The Movers NYC provides a smooth, drama-free experience. Focus on writing a wonderful first chapter to your new journey without having to worry about damage to these venerable living spaces and your own furnishings. Below, you’ll find a list of our Tudor City relocation services:

  • Local, long-distance, and international moves
  • Specialty moves: art, antiques, pianos, white-glove services, and more
  • Residential and commercial moving services
  • Last-minute and same-day moves
  • Full-service moving and packing options available

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