What is a Full Service Move?

What is a Full Service Move?

The word ‘move’ can conjure up some pretty strong emotions and not-so-great memories. But the term ‘full-service move’ – now that’s an altogether different experience. A full-service move makes you feel like royalty. All you have to do is take care of a few organizational bits like changing your address and transferring your utilities while the moving company will bring all the necessary packing supplies, expertly box up all your belongings, load them carefully in the truck, unload them, and unpack each and every item. They’ll even place your furniture as you specify and take all the packing materials and debris away with them. Now that’s royal treatment indeed! 

Services Typically Included in a Full Service Move

No more late-night forays into gloomy grocery store parking lots to search for boxes. All the time-consuming, exhausting chores that are involved in ordinary moves are handled for you in a full-service move:

  • Provision of high-quality packing materials. Forget about wrapping your dishes in dank newspapers and packing them in dirty old produce boxes. The Movers NYC brings all the new, clean packing materials needed to make sure your belongings are packed right.
  • Disassembly of furniture and wrapping. The Movers NYC crews know how to carefully disassemble items like expensive sectionals, quality king-size beds, and valuable entertainment centers. 
  • Packing and custom crating. One-of-a-kind art pieces deserve exceptional attention when being moved. Specialty packing and custom-made crates provide the safest method of transporting these items.
  • Disconnecting appliances. Your valuable appliances deserve quality care during a move. The crew at The Movers NYC is trained to correctly disconnect all types of appliances – from stacked pedestal electric washers and gas dryers to high-end double-door refrigerators with water filters. 
  • Loading the moving truck. Only trained expert movers know how to properly load a moving truck and understand why it’s so important to the safety of your belongings. Trust The Movers NYC to expertly manage this critical step of the moving process. 
  • Transport. Whether you’re moving across the continent or just around the corner, The Movers NYC safely transports all your belongings for you. We provide a delivery window so you can plan for our arrival.
  • Storage. There are tons of reasons for needing storage. Your full-service mover provides access to a variety of storage options that will meet your needs – from temperature-controlled storage for your wine collection or piano to warehouse storage for your entire household.
  • Unloading. This step of the full-service move usually goes fairly quickly. The only requirement is that you need to be available to tell the movers where you want certain pieces of furniture placed.
  • Reassembly of furniture and arranging. Once the moving crew brings your sectional and other unassembled pieces into your home, they’ll unwrap and reassemble. As you get a feel for furniture placement, they’ll move pieces to your specifications.
  • Unpacking. This thankless chore is completely handled by your full-service moving crew. Simply tell them which cupboard you want them to put the wine glasses in – and done!
  • Full valuation insurance. Full-service movers are highly trained and experienced to provide a flawless move. But, accidents can happen. This type of insurance covers all of your belongings for their current replacement value in case of loss or damage. 

Reasons to Book a Full Service Move

Who wouldn’t want to hire a mover who could provide a wide range of high-end services that make moving an adventure instead of a chore? From simply reducing stress to moving a farm or ranch, here are some reasons why people choose to go with a full-service move: 

1. Reduce stress and pain of moving. 

This is probably the number one reason why people hire a full-service mover. Year over year, research tells us that moving is among the top five stressors in our lives. No matter if you’re moving from a Bedford-Stuyvesant loft or a Long Island horse farm, you’ll have a smooth, efficient, hassle-free relocation when you hire The Movers NYC for a full-service move.

2. Handling art and collectibles. 

A valuable art collection needs to be packed and moved by pros. Whether you have a priceless collection of antiques, sculptures, or framed art, The Movers NYC’s trained experts know how to pack each piece so it’s completely protected throughout the move. Also, when necessary, they’ll build custom crates to ensure pieces are safely protected for the duration of the move. 

3. A life-long collection of household belongings. 

Maybe you’ve lived in the same home for decades. Homes gather all kinds of odds and ends over the years and this can add up to a challenging move. Perhaps your attic is full of boxes and discarded furniture, your basement is a laundry and also a hobby room, or you’ve acquired a garage full of tools and a shed full of garden equipment. Full service movers can transform a challenging move into a simple one.

4. The complexity of moving a ranch or farm. 

A house, several outbuildings, a barn, and equipment sheds – the trappings on ranches and farms are extensive and much of it is heavy, bulky, and very difficult to move. Hiring a full service mover can dramatically shorten the time involved in getting moved from one property to another.

5. Emergencies. 

From needing to get your valuable household belongings removed out of a flooded house to having to move ASAP for a new job, sometimes there simply isn’t time to manage a move by yourself. The only option is to hire a full service mover who can move you efficiently and in a hurry.

6. Health reasons. 

Some folks just don’t have the strength, energy, or good health to handle the demands of a move. They choose a full-service move because they can’t lift heavy boxes or furniture. They can save their strength while an experienced crew does all the hard work.

What Will Packers Not Pack?

If you’re hiring a moving company to handle a full service move, they’ll move each and every item on your property, right? Not exactly. By law, there are certain items professional movers are not allowed to pack and transport. When you’re aware of these restricted items ahead of time, you’ll be able to dispose of them responsibly before moving day. Be sure to ask your moving rep if you’re unsure about an item. This is a list, by category, of items The Movers NYC can’t pack and move:


  • Propane cylinders and tanks
  • Paints and thinners
  • Lighter fluid
  • Bleach
  • Gasoline
  • Matches
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Ammunition or fireworks
  • Nail polish remover
  • Corrosives
  • Aerosols
  • Charcoal


  • No matter how well-behaved your dog or goldfish are, movers absolutely will not move pets. 
  • Moving vans can become extremely cold or hot and are a dangerous environment for any pet.


  • Because of varying state laws related to plant diseases and pests, moving companies normally will not move plants across state lines.
  • As with pets, the moving truck isn’t a safe environment for plants because of extreme temperature variations. Best gift them to friends before you move.

Perishable food

  • Use up your perishable food before you move. It likely won’t survive the move and may even attract pests. Some companies won’t ship food of any kind while others may take dry foods. 
  • Best to check with your moving rep.

Although movers will pack and transport your jewelry, documents, and other valuable items, it’s best to keep those items with you. Even though insurance can cover loss or damage, it can’t replace your family photos or heirloom jewelry.

How Much Does A Full Service Move Cost in NYC?

A full-service move in NYC typically costs $100-$200 per hour for a local move, and between $5,000 – $10,000 for a long-distance move. Factors that may influence the final cost of the move include:

  • The distance of the move
  • The volume of household goods for transport
  • The time of the year
  • The level of service
  • Stairs

No two ways about it – a full-service mover saves untold stress, time, and elbow grease. The Movers NYC is a trusted, fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company that will make your local or long-distance move a breeze.